Reverence Books
These reverence books are used by parents to assist children to be quiet and reverent during sacrament meeting or other times calling for quiet. Presented in both English and Spanish, they are designed to assist parents in teaching of vital Gospel principles and doctrines while building faith in their young readers (DC 68:25-28). This is also an excellent tool to build bilingual skills. They are formatted 4 pages to a sheet, to be cut apart and inserted in order into little plastic photo albums (4x6 size). It is suggested that these stories be read aloud to children during the week so they will be familiar with them. Then on Sundays, during sacrament meeting, the children can quietly look at the pictures and remember what they are about. Following the model of their parents, the children will be spiritually strengthened and will come to know that sacrament meeting is NOT boring, but is an opportunity to better know and worship our Savior Jesus Christ in the context of love while at the same time encouraging reverence in the house of the Lord.





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