The Gentle Secret of Manhood

Music By: Michael Smurthwaite
Voices: Men's duet; ideally father and son
Lyrics By: Michael Smurthwaite on occasion of his son's departure for an LDS mission in 1988.
Description: These words describe the mixed feelings in a young man's heart as he transitions to manhood. This song was intented to be sung by a departing missionary and his father who listens and then counsels his son on becoming a man of God. To hear more songs from this soloist, Lief Bjarnson, go to .


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(Youth's contemplations:)
1. When I was a child I walked and talked as a child,
               and understood like the child I was
    I played as a child, laughed as a child and had the vision of the child I was.
   Now I am a man I walk and talk like a man, and understand like the man I am,
   Walk tall like a man, speak truth like a man, See with vision like the man I am.

                   But can I really be a man like my Dad says I can?
                  Will I put away childish things?
                  Can I always be true, full of faith, full of love?
                  Oh Lord, hear my prayer, the yearning prayer of a man-child.

(The Lord's reply:)
2. Behold! Behold the child, for such is the kingdom of heaven.
    Unless a man becomes as a child he cannot enter the kingdom of God.
    Man must see as a child, Be meek, pure and mild, and
    Become a child of Christ,To be a man, become a man of God!

    (Counter melody) Behold the natural man, must yeild to the Spirit,
                                       Submit unto all things as a child
                                            doth submit to his Father and his God.

                 (Duet)      Man must see as a child. Be meek, pure and mild,
                                            and become a child of Christ,
                                       To be a man, a man of power and love,
                                               become a man of God!

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