My Gift

Music By: Michael Smurthwaite
Voices: Solo or choir
Lyrics By: Heather Smurthwaite
Description: This song contains a frequently felt Christian sentiment when empathizing with the wisemen, what can I give the Christ Child? What else but my heart and soul?


Solo or choir: Sheet Music (PDF) Audio (MP3)
SSA: Sheet Music (PDF) Audio (MP3)


1. O Infant Savior come to earth, what can I give thee at thy birth?
    No wisemen's gold, no shepherd's staff, no angel's song, no bright star above.
    Oh how can I show to Thee my love?

2. In my short time upon this sphere, do I have gifts I can give here?
    I have a smile, a listening ear, a joyful song, a constant prayer,
    A heart to understand and love.

3. O Infant Savior, my Lord to be; I give myself to follow thee.
    To render help, to strengthen faith, to seek and lift; let these be my gift.
    Accept, dear precious Lord, my gift! Accept precious Lord my gift.

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