Whisper Please, in His Ear

Music By: Michael Smurthwaite
Voices: Solo
Lyrics By: Ilene Barton
Description: These empathic words of Ilene Barton express the intimate 'lump-in-the-throat' feelings of many Christian women who look upon the manger scene, yearn to hold a babe and whisper love in its ear. Regardless of the skeptics, her witness of Christ is as sure as if she'd been 'right there with the sheep.'


Sheet Music (PDF) Audio (MP3)


1. Yuletide carols sung with cheer, invoke feelings deep in here,
    Feelings I've laid on the shelf, a lump grows in my throat.
    They sing of my Savior, humbly born to Mary;   
    Oh such excellence, who can tell?

2. They say hearts alone can know, yet I do know surely
    As if I were right there with the sheep.
    Oh, dear Blessed Mary, cuddling your Baby,
    Whisper, please, in his ear, that I love him too.

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